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Our installations consist of 2 villas with attic in total area of 60 sq.m each,

1 villa with an attic in total area of 80 sq.m and 3 apartments in total area of 50 sq.m each.

All villas and apartments contain:

  • Fully equipped kitchen (large refrigerator, electric kitchen, dishwasher, microwave oven, coffeemaker, toaster, juicer)
  • Master bedroom with a/c. Safe. Full bathroom.
  • Sitting/living room (consisting of two-seated sofa/bed for two and reclining sofa plus TV)
  • Dining room
  • Free Wi-Fi  at all rooms and the rest of the premises.

Villas are also provided with private balcony overlooking view at the sea and the shared pool.

All apartments and villas have access to the reception, the pool,

the specially shaped surroundings, the barbeque area and the private parking area.

Contact Us

sample+30 27440 69377
+30 6948 122687


Location: Boutsi
20300 Loutraki-Perahora
Regional Road


sample+30 27440 69377
+30 6948 122687

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