Sights Of Loutraki


Loutraki is locates in an ideal location, with a great view of Korinthiakos Bay, and offers some of the clearest beaches of Greece. The area offers a unique blend of beaches with blue waters, picturesque coves, endless green of fir forests and countless possibilities for day trips and short trips around the area. For mountain lovers Gerania Mountains are ideal for mountain climbing and simple walks. We list some of the areas that you can escape to everyday that we propose you to visit. Besides the well-known archaeological sites located near Loutraki, there are other places with similar interest that you can visit. Also, Loutraki is staging Rally Acropolis every year, so you can have the chance to watch a worldwide known event live.


Religious Destinations


A lot of beautiful monasteries and churches, like the churches of St. Andrew, St. George, St. Fanouriosand MaryGiatrissa, the monasteries of the Holy Trinity and the Church of St. Nicholas, are open to visitors either for a simple pilgrimage or to relax in the shade of pine trees. The monastery of St. Patapios is a must-visit, and has also founded an ecclesiastical camp "Bethlehem."beaut

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