It is approximately 45 minutes drive and is one of the oldest and most picturesque cities of Greece. The first capital of the free Greek state dominates with the historic and imposing buildings. You can visit Mpourtzi and Palamidi, and walk through the narrow streets of the old town. You can also enjoy your coffee in the beach shops and eat at the many restaurants of the town. The nearby and graphic Tolo and ideal for swimming.



Mycenae, the kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon, is one of the richest and most important centers of the Bronze Age in Greece. The Mycenaean civilization experienced tremendous bloom and was associated with one of the greatest civilizations of ancient Greek history. In the area you can visit the domed tomb of Atreus, the Cyclopean walls, the Lion Gate and the Archaeological Museum.



The official name is the Theatre of Asklepios at Epidaurus was built around 330 BC probably by Polykleitos. Meeting place for the discerning theater lovers of ancient tragedy Epidaurus remains one of the finest and most imposing surviving ancient theaters nowadays. The miracle of acoustics as well as the quality of the performances draw thousands of visitors every year. Epidaurus is a destination for the whole year and not just for the performances. The Asclepion and the museum is open for visitors and at summer season do not forget to visit Little Epidaurus where performances take place as well.

argos Argos

Argos, since ancient times, is one of the most famous cities of Greece. The history of the city and the surrounding area is attracting many visitors. Today the city is the commercial and agricultural center of Argolida known for its famous citrus. A big part of the ancient city lies beneath the modern buildings but the museum and the central square of the city worth a visit. The ancient theater of Argos is the largest in the antiquity with a capacity of 20,000 spectators. It is also worth visiting the Roman baths.


Delphi was the navel of the earth, where, according to mythology, the two eagles sent out by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world met, and for many centuries consisted as the cultural and religious center and a symbol of unity of ancient Greeks. Delphi refrain from Loutraki around 3 hours by car. The view and the beauty of the area will amaze you.

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